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History of Crossroads Care Oxfordshire

Crossroads Care Oxfordshire was founded in 1979 and initially operated from the managerís home, before moving to a church hall to expand support for local carers. Crossroads Care was awarded charitable status in 1979 and under the guidance of a board of trustees, the scheme expanded. The scheme was initially funded by Social Services and was supported by a small team of workers. This gradually expanded until more suitable premises were required, and Crossroads Care were invited by Ritchie Russell House to have offices on their site. The scheme grew substantially over the coming years providing many strands of care throughout the whole of Oxfordshire. New office space was located in a building at the Oxford Centre for Enablement, where a strong working relationship was built with both the physical disability and neurological rehabilitation wards. Around 5 years ago Crossroads Care moved to new offices in Oxford, where it continues to grow, having now incorporated a full childrenís service. We are now a company limited by guarantee.

Crossroads Care is headed by a board of trustees who work in conjunction with Carers Trust. We are proud to be network partners of Carers Trust and are commited to representing and maintaining all the values that Crossroads Care stands for. For more information on Carers Trust, please go to:

Donate Now Crossroads relies on the generosity of its many and valued supporters. If you
would like to know how you can help us by volunteering, taking part in an event or to make
a donation, please call 01865 260280.

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