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NHS Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust
Crossroads Care Oxfordshire works closely with the Continuing Care services of the NHS Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust to facilitate treatment of patients in their own home, thereby avoiding the need for hospitalisation or institutionalisation. Patients often require medical assistance that can safely be provided under the health and social care system. This can vary from administration of specialised medication, to carrying out complex care such as the care and management of Colostomy, Tracheostomy and Gastrostomy, including ventilated patients, PEG feeding, and changing Colostomy bags. Crossroads Care Oxfordshire employs, trains and retains an elite group of staff members who are competent in providing and delivering such complex care, all in a domiciliary setting. Carer Support Workers are trained, assessed and signed off as competent by relevant Health Care Professionals such as District Nurses, Community Disability Nurses and Physiotherapists, under strict regulations known as Shared Care Protocols. Crossroads Care team when required, can start working with the patient while still in the relevant hospital unit, sometimes in the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) and continues to work with the patient at home, upon discharge from hospital. Please contact us to discuss how you can benefit from our services under the Continuing Healthcare arrangements.
For more information about NHS Continuing HealthCare services, including details of funding available, please click on the logo on the right.

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Crossroads Care has a long established working relationship with the Oxfordshire branch of the MS Society. The Society supports various projects to support people living with or affected by this disease. One such venture is a support group at which Crossroads Care provides experienced and sensitive Carer Support Workers to help provide respite and activities once a month. Crossroads Care also provides individual care to many people with MS associated needs. Please contact us for more information regarding our care services.

Motor Neurone Society
Crossroads Care has helped care for many people with Motor Neurone Disease. Covering all stages of MND, we help people to stay within the home environment and to remain as active and independent as possible. Having a working knowledge of MND is invaluable when providing person-centred, bespoke care. Crossroads Care currently holds a contract with the MND Society, where cases are referred to us as well as us taking private referrals. We also provide assistance to families who are coming to terms with the effects of MND. Please
contact us if you feel we could be of assistance to you.

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