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Self Directed Support

Oxfordshire Crossroads
Self Directed Support Services

Clients can select from our services as it suits them. They could advertise and recruit themselves and have support afterwards or we can support through the whole process. Clients can choose their own level of involvement as they wish. Support is available via telephone and in person for adults and families with children. We also supply training and support for Carers (as opposed to P.A.s).

An assessment will have to be made for each individual client depending on what level of service they require before an accurate quote can be given. Free telephone discussions are available prior to this. All prices are estimated below.

One off fees / pick and mix

  • Selection advertising, application forms, interviews, references, CRB/POVA check. 350 per staff member with initial advertising. (Further adverts cost passed directly to client.)

Training and Development

  • Induction training including first aid, manual handling, medication, food hygiene, infection control, continence care, Protection of vulnerable adults, personal care. Additional hands on training. 90 per day as required. Initial assessment may not be required to access basic training.

  • Ongoing manual handling and health and safety training. 50 per half day.

  • Performance Evaluation and Management supervisions and appraisals. Client satisfaction reviews. 17.50 per hour.

  • Confidential advice in relation to problems at work for staff and clients. Staff mentoring. 17.50 per hour.

  • Record keeping of all personal data 25 per annum.

  • Hands on replacement care in a crisis (emergency care at 17.50 per hour).

  • Handyman service 17.50 per hour plus mileage

  • Adapted van with access for one wheelchair and 5 others available at 50 per day plus mileage.

Monthly Retainer Contract (for your peace of mind):
This service is for individuals who have arranged their own care packages but want a back up service to fall back on, if their own personal assistant or carer is not available.

Retainer fees are charged at 10% of individual budget for minimum of 15 per week and maximum 25 per week. Six monthly initial contract required, thereafter on a monthly basis.

  • Free telephone support 10am-4pm Monday Friday.
  • Hands on replacement care in a crisis charged at standard hourly rates approx 17.50 per hour plus mileage.
  • Handyman service 17.50 p.h. plus mileage
  • Adapted van with access for one wheelchair and 5 others available at 50 per day.

Individual Service Funds Management

For service users choosing this package, Crossroads Care would manage their total individual budget. Their own personal assistants will be employed by Crossroads Care, thus giving PA full employee benefits as listed above but all care for the service user would be provided by their designated PA. Service Users would retain complete control regarding when and how they wish to use their allocated budget. Crossroads Care would manage payroll and wages as services user's PA are employed through Crossroads Care payroll system. A service user would also benefit from peace of mind by having replacement support, when their own PA is not available.

Please contact us to discuss any of the above in more details.

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