Crossroads Care Oxfordshire  


Our Mission

  • All our clients shall receive care that is personalised and responsive to their needs.

  • We will provide telephone support and emergency respite care to help anyone caring for a loved one at home.

  • We we listen carefully to all users of our service - and will do our best to help clients achieve their goals.

  • We support clients so they have the maximum degree of choice, and help them to exercise the control over their lives that everyone deserves.


We are proud to be network partners of Carers Trust and are commited to representing and maintaining all the values that Crossroads Care stands for. For more information on Carers Trust, please go to             


Our Testimonials


"Crossroads has reunited our family."

"What amazing care staff!"

"I don't know what we would have done without Crossroads and its team."

"My son would have remained in hospital for the rest of his life without Crossroads' help."

"It is great to have someone from Crossroads to talk to."

"I was able to take my first holiday in ten years, knowing Crossroads were caring for our daughter."