live in care

CROSSROADS is committed to helping you stay at home in familiar surroundings. We work closely with you, your family and those close to you to ensure that your live-in care package is exactly what you are looking for. Your happiness at home is our priority.


Full Time Live-In Care

A care worker lives in the home ready to assist throughout the day and to give you security at night. They will help you with your personal and social needs, as well as ensuring the smooth running of the house.


Overnight Care

A care worker can stay the night and either sleep, or be awake, to assist you when needed. Overnight care is in place to help you with needs like turning in bed, taking medication, or using the toilet.


Holiday Care

A care worker can accompany you on holiday to help with all your personal and social needs. We will match you with someone you get on well with, to ensure your holiday is a success!


Call us on 01865 260280 to chat about your needs and see how we can create a package of care that suits you.