During the Covid pandemic some clients have understandably curtailed care support workers entering their homes, to cut the risk of Covid being brought in from outside. Some are managing on one visit a week where they would usually rely on seven. The missing care is provided by family members, which places a strain on normal family life.


In keeping with its founding ethos, Crossroads has set up THE CARER SUPPORT PROJECT to lend a helping hand. We check on Carers who have been struggling on alone, via the telephone and Zoom, and we offer support and advice if asked for.


People still need help while they are shielding - and we are also happy to deliver respite care as soon as a household is ready. The government's "stay alert" message is a step forward and we hope that exhausted Carers feel able to accept our help. We are proud to have had no work-related Covid infections.


For Crossroads' CARER SUPPORT PROJECT we aim to support 170 unpaid Carers and give 200 hours of direct respite care to an estimated 30 people with care needs, to support the well-being of Carers in this difficult time.


The project is new and we have just started fundraising for it, so all donations are very welcome. Please assist us in any way you feel able to and contact Andrew Clarkson on 01865-260280 or email us HERE. There are some great fundraising ideas HERE