There are many excellent residential care homes in Oxford, West Berkshire, Windsor and Maidenhead, and these may be a great option for you, if your loved one has high-dependency specialist care needs. However, CROSSROADS was set up with the specific intention of providing live-in care and home care services in Oxfordshire, so that unpaid carers and their loved ones can remain at the heart of our communities.

A care home may offer superb facilities and care in a luxurious environment - but is it as comfortable as your own home, surrounded by your loved ones? Many Oxfordshire care homes offer all the facilities that we take for granted in our local village, town, or city. Some even offer bistros, cafes, bars and restaurants, not to mention beauty salons and wellness massages. Paid carers are on hand, to help with getting out of bed in the morning and with pursuing fulfilling activities and  hobbies. This is great, but can come at a heavy financial cost: a good care home is expensive, far more so than continuing to enjoy your own home with assistance from CROSSROADS.

Your loved one may not want to be in a care home, no matter how luxurious. Someone suffering from dementia might be distressed by the change of environment. They may need to see familiar faces and go to beloved shops. Though a care home is sometimes an excellent solution, it might be better for a loved one to be cared for at home for as long as possible. The downside is that you find your own opportunity to participate fully in life slipping away, as more and more vital care needs are placed on your shoulders.

It is essential that unpaid carers, who do such valuable work in helping others, are themselves helped to negotiate what can be the very stressful, if rewarding, tasks of caring for a loved one at home. CROSSROADS offers a full range of social care services and carer support, ranging from advice via telephone and email, to face-to-face chats and help with personal care in the home.

We at CROSSOADS, pride ourselves on assisting all our service users regardless of their race, gender, sexual or religious affiliation, and we provide flexible care plans tailored to every individual with adult care needs. We can also help with children's care and assist young carers.

It is vitally important to maintain direct contact between family members, without overburdening especially young carers, with demanding care tasks. This is where CROSSROADS can help, whether by offering respite care to give you a break, or by providing you with regular support from our fully trained care support workers. Please call CROSSROADS CARE head office on 01865 260280 to start your journey of staying at home with your loved ones.