Oxfordshire Crossroads' BUYAGIFT BOX project has given 26 BUYAGIFT boxes to exhausted and deserving unpaid local carers, acknowledging their incredible contribution with a small token of our high regard. The delighted recipients, could choose from a mix of the following experiences: Afternoon Tea, Time Together, High Street Dining, Pamper For Two, and Relaxation For Two. The gift boxes were redeemed online HERE. The only regret we have, is that we could not provide BUYAGIFT boxes for all our carers. The project was so successful, we hope to run it again very soon.


Our aim with this project, was to help improve carers' physical and mental health, and to increase resilience and optimism. Going by the reactions of the recipients, we succeeded.


L. has cared for her husband since he was diagnosed with dementia. A good friend sits with him once a week, so she can attend appointments. L. used her Buyagift box to invite her friend to afternoon tea, as a special thank you, and a treat for them both.


M.'s mother, could no longer manage independently, so, 7 years ago, M. stepped in to help. Until recently, M. relied on the respite care provided by day care centres, but, her mother's decreased mobility, has meant this is no longer an option. M. works part-time, and all the respite care she receives, is only so she can go out to work. M. chose a Relaxation For Two box, so she could take time out with her daughter.


S. works full-time and cares for her tetraplegic husband. She exchanged her High Street Dining box, for Hello Fresh meals, to be delivered to her door. This meant she had delicious, hot meals, easily available without having to go shopping for a few days. S. said, "It's really lovely, for all the hard work you put in to be noticed and appreciated. Thank you."